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At Mastercare, we understand that a hospital's focus is on managing patients, and offering the cleanest and healthiest environment possible. Mastercare has been in the commercial cleaning and facilities maintenance industry for more than 30 years. Our extensive experience includes medical and psychiatric institutions, operating theatres, burns and renal units, aged-care facilities, and pathological and microbiological laboratories. At a time when healthcare standards have never been under greater scrutiny, our commitment is to provide an affordable, reliable and well-trained workforce that will consistently meet your accreditation requirements.

In addition, we have a thriving consultancy arm which works with organisations to identify time and cost efficiencies, often delivering 20% savings on annual recurrent cleaning spends.

To demonstrate our commitment to creating a better, cleaner environment for your staff, patients (and their visitors), we also offer the Hospitals sector a unique incentive: fresh flowers delivered to your Reception every week.

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